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Enjoy recent, live performance events, projects for specific sites  and dances for film. Recent additions: Fire Pit Party – Alcova Heights, No Cares poetry by C. Thomas, About Time with art by Philip Livingston, Drift from Fred Schnider Gallery of Art, art by Scott Hutchison, Artist profiles from Columbia Pike Artist Studios.

Welcome to a collection of performances from various venues and specific sites around Northern Virginia and Washington DC. Tune in for a new edition of older works each month.

HIDDEN TALENTS from Inner Ear Studios

a performance from a recording studio founded in Arlington, Virginia by musician and recording engineer Don Zientara.
Bonus Features –
Inner Ear Studios tour and a Forty+ work by Brynna Wilder

1X7 – inspired by a NVFAA exhibit about the pandemic. Wire Works – a collaboration with visual artist Ellyn Weiss. Do Not Touch – it’s not just covid-19 that limits the touch.
Fightin’ Words – with music by American fiddler Patrick McAvinue. Bonus Features – On the Road favorite outdoor spots

“Season Kick-Off” presented via Zoom on Sept 12, 2020.
Auto-Audio – in the parking lot, illuminated by headlights.
I Can Cook Too – a jazzy dance for camera.
Do Not Touch (excerpts) – performed in real time and from Arlington Arts Center
Bonus Features – On the Road favorite outdoor spots and a parking lot excerpt at Arlington Arts Center

“Real Time” presented via Zoom on July 25, 2020.
Thorn in My Side – inspired by cartoon character Yosemite Sam.
You and Me – a groovy piece by Kelsey Rohr.
Border (excerpts) – stories about barriers
Branchscape – delicate suggestion of natural cycles by Becca Weiss. (bonus piece)

Applied Forces – inspired by land art by Mike Dax Iacovone, from an installation at Arlington Arts Center
Hoopla – A new work for Forty+ by Emily Crews
Inside Out A Part – opposition transformed by place and distance with music by Monstah Black
Shorthanded (excerpts) – key cultural practices and popular technologies of the time — from shorthand notation and paper dolls, to cassette tapes and VHS

The Big Meow, adapted from the book by Elizabeth Spires, is the story of an ever-hopeful fluff-ball who desperately wants to belong to the band of neighborhood cats, but is ostracized for a “loud as a lion’s roar” meow.

Incorporating spoken word, movement, music this family friendly story is about a new puppy, Barky.  “Doggone it.  This is a fun show!” Wendi Winters, DC Metro Theater Arts Rent today.


Dances from a May 30, 2020 Viewing Party featuring a work by Brynna Wilder choreographed for Forty+, a 2019 dance inspired by the work of visual artist Fax Ayres, and Going Polar featuring live music by Mark Sylvester

Aflight draws a picture of connections to earth and to each other. People — like animals — move to react to a push or pull in their natural habitats. As we confront global issues, we invite you to experience the real, personal journeys of the people and ecosystems in our midst.

Called a “smart movement-based work” by (DC Theatre Scene), Beauty and the Beat is a surprising comedy inspired by Tom Waits song “What’s He Building in There.” A neighbor’s style of interaction becomes the focal point of gossip, as four friends weave through dysfunctional actions in a hilarious—and subversive—stir.

The whole family is sure to enjoy Splatter, a story about emotions inspired by the book by Anna Llenas.  Explore a range of emotions in comparison to color; sadness blue, bright and shiny happiness, angry red, gray shadows, calm green.  You’ll feel better by the end just knowing what it is that you feel.

“Shorthanded,” an “immediately compelling” (Dance Metro DC) work, visually represents stories of coming of age. Reminisce with an inter-generational cast and revisit objects tied to life landmarks; the at-the-time impact of cassette tape, VHS, paper dolls, IBM 3033, Shorthand notation and other blips on the relentless march of cultural change.  Featuring: Jane Franklin Dance with Forty+.






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