Jan Canterbury

He is an Environmental Scientist who worked at USEPA over 25 years as a Project Manager on Global Climate Change projects. She did public speaking at the Pentagon, at national conferences with various corporate and non-profit organizations (e.g., USCM, ICMA, OECD, etc) and at international trainings (i.e., including in Russia, South Africa and Poland.) Jan also worked with a team of scientists who wrote Environmental Impact Statements at contaminated sites (i.e., as in the film “Erin Brockovich”) around the country. And, she wrote the Presidential Proclamation (for President Barack Obama) entitled, “Sustainable Solutions for a Healthy Environment and Economy.” More recently, Jan volunteers with groups such as “Building Bridges,” “Ascent Virginia” and “Eco-Comedy” with American University. She is delighted to be involved in JFD although she has two left feet.

Jane Franklin Dance

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