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Season Sponsors
Arlington County through the Arlington Cultural Affairs division of Arlington Economic Development and the Arlington Commission for the Arts
Arlington County Small Business Emergency Grant
Washington Forrest Foundation
Virginia Commission for the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Paul Mellon Arts in Education Program
Building Bridges

Performance Sponsors

Colleen Bergeron, Debra Basilis, James Burke, Jean Broyhill, Elizabeth Chon, Shirah Cohen, Stephanie Deason, Kerry & Joe Hogler, Matt Jones, Susannah Keefe, Danielle Moretti King, Harry & Florence Katrivanos, Susannah Keefe, David Kupfer, Patricia Hall, Judith Ligon, Wesley MacAdam, Keith and Sharon Malley, Mary Macguire, Scott and Renee Rohr, Alison Sheahan, Sheri Shunfenthal, Meredith Sims, Barbara Slavin, Dolores Vestrich

Silent Auction and Production Support
Amber Rose Photography, All-A-Buzz Picnic courtesy of Shelby Hettenbach, Arena Stage, Arlington Magazine, Avant Bard Theatre, Bluemont Experience courtesy of Stephanie Deason, Constellation Theatre, Dance Place, Fast Snail Creative Greetings and Design, Gardening and Summer Baskets courtesy of Brandyn Snyder, Happy Hour evening with Jan Canterbury, Jan Caterbury Oil Painting “Refugee,” Jana Harris mixed-media art, Lost Dog Cafe, Manoukian Rugs, Paradise Springs Winery, Perfect Pointe Dance Studio, Ruthie’s All-Day, Seven Oaks Lavendar Farm, Sun & Moon Yoga, Washington Improv Theater, Washington Nationals Autographed baseball, Wine & Cheese Party Over the Potomac courtesy of Bob Rudney

Project Sponsors

Jan Canterbury, Diane Dorius, Penelope Jones, Douglas Galbi, Allen & Gerda Keiswetter, Claudia Maloney, Robert and Joelle Rudney, Peg Schaefer, Susan Segal, Jessica Shoemaker, Robert and Gayle Shank

Education Sponsors

Lenore Bell, Lee Bory, Hannah Bucholz, Joanne Burke, David & Patty Bristol, Gail Campton, Chanda Choun, Emily Crews, Jerold Cummins,  Elissa David, Kathleen Davis, Susan Amber Gordon, Sara Greenberg, Elisa Kosarin, Laura Hahn, Faith Halter, Shelby Hettenbach, John St. Hillaire, Grace Holden, Tommie Johnson, Elizabeth Kaufman, Nancy Knoch, Peter & Alison Lattu, Sharon Malley, Jenny Mahlqvist, Billy and Lindsay McLaughlin, Rachel Miller-Bleich, Melissa Mortimer, Jennifer Orloski, Michele Palella, Sue Philley, Amanda Rebmann, Elizabeth Rouse, Marsha Semmel,  Sherri Shunfenthal, Sue Skaddan, Michael Spears, Sally Spencer, Karen Stanley,  Polly Thibodeau, Diana Tokaji, Elaine Topodas, Nelly Urbach,  Stephanie Vadala, Rebecca Voulgarakis, Karen Walter, Dave Weber, Ellyn Weiss, Margaret Wohler, Tina Wordon

Photographs by Gail Bingham, Andrew Bossi, Raymond Gniewek, Paul Gillis Photography, Michael Levy, Jim Turner

IT: Michael Levy
Web Master: Jane Franklin

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Jane Franklin Dance is a charity recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3).
Thank you for your kindness in supporting our artistic mission. A financial statement is available upon written request from the Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs.  For further information, find details in the IRS brochure: IRS Charitable Contribution Disclosure Requirements



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