Glade Dance Collective

District. Redefined? revisits one of Glade’s seminal works, District. Defined? (2010) and updates it to reflect the ways both D.C. and our relationship with the city have changed over the last decade. Using music exclusively from D.C.-based artists, the piece explores our experiences living, working, and dancing in D.C. Drawing on the different communities and landscapes that have shaped the dancers’ experience in D.C., the piece highlights neighborhoods and landmarks of the city that are part of local D.C. and the national and international Washington. This new work draws on original phrase work and stories from District. Defined? while also introducing new movement, music, and themes. District. Redefined? shares the story of a decade in the city, recalling what stays constant while opening up space to consider what changes.
At home in Washington, DC, Glade Dance Collective has commanded stages since 2009 with provocative, emotionally charged work. Glade is dedicated to collaboration—with audiences, with other artists, and most importantly with each other. Our collective choreographic process offers freedom for every member to have a say in movement generation, in overall narrative structure and story-boarding, and in production elements. Glade members are dance-makers, story tellers, and thinkers, seeking to raise the profile of modern dance in DC and beyond through dynamic performance, powerful community engagement, and progressive outreach. Our work tends toward the narrative, and we are drawn to stories of personal, communal, and political resonance.

Come see Glade Dance Collective on Saturday January 25th at 7:30 pm

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