Fax Ayres

Fax Ayres

Fax Ayres’ photography employs a ‘lightpainting’ technique to embue his subjects with an almost surreal quality. He sets up still life vignettes in the dark and then carefully paints individual components with light, assembling multiple images together to create the final photograph. Fax Ayres lives and works in Charlottesville, VA.

Artist Statement
My images merge the aesthetics of photography and painting. I am fascinated by the challenge of exploring and conveying the character of mundane things, daily objects and scenes, trying to extract beauty and personality from them by painting them carefully with light. Surprising compositions of ordinary objects spring to life, hinting at dramatic back stories.

My still life compositions are assembled from a growing collection of found/scavenged/ discarded junk, random objects from around my house and yard, toys scavenged from my kids’ rooms.… I use various light sources to carefully apply light to each element of a scene, building the final image from a series of component photographs.

Machinery, food, gourds, toys…I am hoping to create the suggestion of something enigmatic – larger, and sometimes darker, than the things themselves. I am looking for bigger stories that can be told by mundane objects.

Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association
733 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 | 703-548-0035 | www.nvfaa.org
Artist Talk, Sunday, February 24, 2:30
Exhibition: January 10 — February 24

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