Weekly Class

Fri, Sept 23 – Oct 28 –  4:30-5:30pm Splash Ages 5 – 9
(instructor Jane Franklin/Kevin White) Explore movement and emotion to discover the fun in all the colors of the rainbow (no class on Oct 14 due to repairs in the dance studio)

Single class: $20

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Counselor-In-Training (ages 12-14)
C.I.T single class: $12

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CANCELLED – Tues, Sept 20 – Oct 25 – 4:30-5:30pm Move and Groove Ages 6 – 11
(instructor Kelsey Rohr) Turn inside out, have a look and enjoy a fantastic adventure in movement – Will be available in Jan/Feb 2023

Complete Fall Packet with waiver and emergency contact information upon enrollment

Volunteer – Age 15 and above
Gain community service hours and work with innovative educators. Receive documentation of your volunteer hours. Click Volunteer to apply.

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