Choreographers Collaboration Project

The CCP Youth Dancers are students aged 10 – 16 of the Choreographers Collaboration Project, a modern dance company based in Alexandria, VA.  Since 1998, the company has strived to foster the choreographic process, serve as a lab for emerging choreographers and build collaborations with artists to inspire creativity.  CCP is committed to the creative development of children and youth and offer modern dance/choreography classes on Saturday mornings.

Lost and Found
Have you ever looked and looked everywhere for something, only to find that it was right there in front of you all the time?  Inspired by this question and the music, Janet Stormes and the CCP Youth Dancers choreographed “Lost and Found” during the 2019 fall dance session.  The performance with Jane Franklin Dance on February 8 is the first time the dance will be performed.
Music: Grand Duo: V. Polka by Lou Harrison
Dancers: Ginny Coulby, Sullivan Crowther, Aine O’Reilly, Maeve O’Reilly
Pictures of the CCP Youth dancers from the CCP’s 2019 Spring Concert (photos by Kevin Dohmen):

Jane Franklin Dance

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