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Recently Danced (Highlights of the spring performance season)
In The News (The Arts Show and Tell)
You Won’t Want To Miss (at Lubber Run and at Theatre on the Run)
Works in Progress (Dancing the Page)
Urgently Needed (Benefit Contributions and Company Audition)
Spotlight On (Profile Carrie Monger, Senior Company Member)


This is the third electronic newsletter of Jane Franklin Dance (JFD). Thanks for reading!

Recently Danced (Highlights of a great spring performance season!)

Keeping with its mission of educational outreach to youth, the company performed at Episcopal High School on April 1. JFD presented a morning assembly to the student body. In the afternoon, company members Stefanie Quinones and Alex Short conducted two workshops for students and the day wrapped up with an evening performance in the newly renovated Pendleton Hall at Ainslie Arts Center.

On April 10, JFD presented a site specific performance at Ft. CF Smith Park. One work was presented outdoors followed by segments of Ridge Line that spilled over into the adjoining rooms of the Hendry House.

For Concert for Community on April 28, JFD performed for Senior Adult groups from Arlington and Fairfax County and for the general public.

“I thought the dance was very powerful and total effect stunning,” said audience member Gerda Keiswetter. “The pictures and music worked so wonderfully with the dance and the lighting to create a stunning ever-changing tableau. I can't remember the last time I was so moved by a performance!”

On April 29, JFD conducted in-school workshops for most of Randolph Elementary's 363 students. After-school workshops were held each Wednesday in May. To learn more about after schools projects or to find out about getting your school involved, please see http://www.janefranklin.com/afterschoolprojects.html.

On April 30, JFD presented a Family Matinee at Gunston Theater One. The performance featured two recent works in the JFD Young Dancer's repertoire as well as a premiere of This Just In... the newest piece in the company’s adult repertoire. At its end, younger members of the audience also enjoyed time on stage for the traditional "cake walk"—a chance to win a cake in a contest inspired by the game of “musical chairs.”

The evening performance featured Ridge Line, with music by Judith Shatin. This extraordinary dance inspired by the Civil War is composed of three segments: Clear Cut, Inside Out, and Rally. This weaving together of dance, video images, text, and sound leads the audience in a journey that culminates in a final heartbreaking moment—a solitary still dancer on the stage as an unknown male sings The Battle Cry of Freedom. The company will perform the piece again at Dance Place this fall.

Washington DC poet Kim Roberts observed the dress rehearsal of Ridge Line. "I continue to be impressed by Jane's ability to find inspiration from such a wide range of sources. Over the years, I've seen dances inspired by her father riding a tractor, Vietnam, a picnic, a clothes line, the carnival midway, and cancer,” she said. “And now, with Ridge Line, we see American Civil War history brought to life—the axe blows as soldiers clear-cut the trees around a fort, the crowds of women on a dock seeing their men off to battle. I found this new piece very moving!”

On May 20, Jane Franklin Dance performed Summertime on the Northern Neck at the Alexandria Awards at the Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center. Those who received awards for making notable contributions to the cultural fabric of the community include Susan Landess, president of the Alexandria Arts Forum, Terrell LeVaugh Ambrose, band director at T.C. Williams High School, Carolyn Griffin, producing director at Metro Stage and Nora Partlow, proprietor of St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub.

In The News

Jane Franklin Dance was featured in the second edition of the The Arts Show & Tell, a community television program sponsored by the Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington. The segment on Jane Franklin Dance will air twice weekly, along with a segment on the Textile Museum; exact dates are still being determined. Tune in to The Arts Show & Tell, which airs on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. and Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. on Arlington Independent Media, and watch for the upcoming premiere of JFD’s segment.

Artistic Director Jane Franklin and Board Member Kim Roberts were interviewed for the show. "I spoke about all the company's diverse community outreach efforts, and also about the company's philosophy that dance springs from the natural movement of our bodies, that it is an extension of the types of movement everyone does every day,” said Roberts.

You Won’t Want To Miss

Arts al Fresco
June 11, 2005 at 8:00 pm, Lubber Run Amphitheatre, North 2nd & North Columbus Streets, Arlington VA. Please note that concerts are cancelled due to rain. Call (703) 228-1850 for updates.
In a shared concert with Arlington's Center Dance Company, JFD performs Fell;This Just In.... with live music, prepared guitar and the spooky sounds of the theremin; and Alvin Mayes romantic duet Nothing Gold Can Stay. The Center Dance Company performs Pas de Quatre with choreography by Anton Dolin and restaged by Nancie Woods and An Eternal Golden Braid with choreography by Kimberly Swartz.

Up Close Benefit Performance and Reception
June 25, 2005 at 7:30 pm, Theater on the Run, 3700 S Four Mile Run Drive, Arlington VA 22206
$25 Suggested contribution
Theatre on the Run is an "Up Close" venue that brings the audience into the detail, facial expression, theatricality and flair of performance. Premiers include Jane Franklin's quartet of male/female duets fueled by the American West and danced to songs by Johnny Cash, a new trio by guest choreographer Emily Crews, Alvin Mayes' Adam & Eve inspired duet from his Paradise Project, and Young Dancers Project performers in a new dance set to percussion. Immediately following the performance, join us for delicious edibles and non-alcoholic beverages with catering by the Restaurants at Shirlington.

Contributions received are greatly appreciated and help support the 2005-2006 season including Concert for Community for Senior Adults, the Dancing the Page collaboration, performances at the Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center, Gunston Theater One and Dance Place, Young Dancers Project, after-school projects and community outreach, and new work by guest choreographers. All contributors are listed on the JFD web site. To contribute online: http://www.janefranklin.com/donatenow.html

Works in Progress

JFD continues to have a prominent presence in the Washington DC dance scene. Once again, the company is presenting a performance at Dance Place, in Washington, D.C. on October 22-23, 2005. The program will be shared with Harrisonburg artists thompson & trammell and Shane O'Hara. If you missed our performance of Ridge Line in April, don’t miss it this fall at Dance Place!

The company is currently completing its Spring Project with Arlington Senior
Adult Centers. Workshops have been very full and active, and with many English-as second-language participants. Embracing those with all levels of experience with movement demonstrates that communication through dance is universal—and that JFD is committed to building an all inclusive dance community.  http://www.janefranklin.com/movementforseniors.html

JFD is happy to announce the 2005-2006 project, Dancing the Page, a dance/poetry/ music collaboration with performances at Iota Club and Café, at Arlington Arts Center, at main stage Gunston Theater One and at four Arlington Senior Adult Centers. Exploring the connection between words and movement, participating poets offer personal yet universal experiences such as the hindsight of a “near miss,” a quiet moment in nature, a situation of gender, a family memory or a cultural identifier. We'll keep you updated as plans unfold.

Urgently Needed

Donations for Benefit Performance
JFD is seeking food contributions for the Benefit Reception on June 25 and a contribution for 80 color copies for the Benefit Performance program. If you would like to contribute food for the event, or if you can provide complimentary color copies, please contact us at info@janefranklin.com or call (703) 298-3235.

Open Rehearsal and Audition
Jane Franklin Dance is looking for male and female performers who like to work in the community, and perform in a variety of settings from the most informal, to school and Senior Center presentations, to professional venues. Please join us for our rehearsal on June 20 from 4 pm – 8 pm. You will have the opportunity to see the company rehearse and to learn portions of the repertory.

Spotlight On Carrie Monger, Senior Company Member

(c) Jane Franklin DanceCarrie Monger began dancing with Jane Franklin in 2002. She minored in dance at James Madison University and received her master's degree in counseling at William and Mary. She is employed with Fairfax County Alcohol and Drug Services as a family therapist. In addition to dancing with Jane Franklin Dance, Carrie also dances with Katrina Toews (K2 Dance) and Meisha Bosma (BosmaDance). Carrie was married in September of 2004. She lives with her husband, Idan Moritz, in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Where were you born and raised?

Virginia Beach, Virginia. My parents actually still live in the same house they were in when I was born.

When did you start dancing?

I started dancing when I was five years old. I was a butterfly in the end of the year recital.

What type(s) of training have you had?

I grew up taking jazz and tap and when I got to college at James Madison University, I started my modern training.

What brought you to the Washington area (and to JFD)?

I was living in Newport News, Virginia and my college roommate, Jenn Rivers, was dancing with Jane at the time. She informed me that JFD was auditioning new dancers. So, I drove up to Arlington for several rehearsals and when Jane said she wanted me to join the company I packed my bags and moved to the area.

What inspires you when you dance?

I am inspired internally and externally when I dance. Sometimes I will try to make eye contact with an audience member, as a way to connect and personally express to that person what this dance is about to me. That inspires me to perform. Other times I'm inspired on a deeper, more internal, level. If I can get in touch emotionally with what a piece is trying to say, then that inspires me to explore the movement further and to challenge myself to convey that meaning outward.

Have you read any good books lately?

Veronica Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho.

What do you do when you're not dancing?

Mostly I’m working or dancing, but in those rare moments when I have free time I like to sleep, read, relax in the sunshine, order steaks from Outback Steakhouse and watch movies with my husband.

Who are your favorite choreographers and what are your favorite pieces?

One of the most amazing shows I ever saw was with my mom about eight years ago. We went to Harrison Opera house in Norfolk, Virginia, and saw a modern dance performance by a choreographer named, Daniel Ezralow. This show was unlike anything I have ever seen. It was amazing work and to this day my mom and I still talk about that concert. It was something that we will always remember.